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Stop forgetting the ones you love!

Add friends. Set up reminders. Create Wishlists.

All of us forget someone we love before an important event - our sister's birthday, our best friend on Christmas - sometimes even our anniversary. Elationships.com is quick to set up and makes sure you don't forget those special events ever again. Stop forgetting about people you love!

This site just went live as a Beta experiment. Please bear with us over the next few weeks as we crowd-source our bugs! If you find bugs, please report them to help@elationships.com. Thank you!

  • Add your friends

    You can add friends from all of your favourite social networking sites. A few clicks and you will never forget them again.

  • Set up reminders

    We'll send you reminders so you don't have to think - via email, via SMS, even call you! In addition, we'll recommend good options for greetings and presents.

  • Create a wishlist

    You and your friends can also set up wishlists of things you want as gifts for special events. Then you know what each other want!

Automate Your Relationships (coming soon)

  • Automatically send greetings

    Set the system on low-auto and the system will automatically send your friends and loved ones a greeting of your choice (and remind you that you sent it).

  • Automatically send relationship improvments

    Set the system on mid-auto and the system will send relevant ongoing relationship improvements (love poetry or just "how's it going") to keep your relationship on fire.

  • Automatically send presents

    Set the system on full-auto and automatically have presents bought according to your budget and your friend's preference. Assign a yearly friend budget and let the system do the work for you. Drive your relationship to the next level!